Hacking the opportunity gap

Resilient Coders teaches young people from traditionally underserved communities how to code. We do this as a way of aligning them with a lucrative and meaningful career path. It's a multi-tiered program that funnels students from learning HTML after school, through our downtown "Coworking" sessions, and ultimately, hourly employment. Our higher performers participate in Resilient Lab, a web design and development shop with real clients.

There is more than one way to join the code literacy movement. Coders: Help us teach. Business owners: Hire Resilient Lab to work on your web presence. Learn more about how to get involved as a mentor, or just email us at david@resilientcoders.org

Micah's Story

Micah is an aspiring engineer. He's our Dev Lead at Resilient Lab, an initiative of Resilient Coders. Earlier this year, he and our Design Lead, Fredy Melo, were accepted into Startup Institute, an intensive 8-week bootcamp. They've since graduated and have begun working for other companies. Hear why web development is so important to Micah.

Learning by failing

Our approach to coding is a little different from traditional education. We learn by doing things wrong. We scrape, we tweak, we break. And then we iterate, each time failing smarter than the last. Our objective is not a scholastic one; we aim to acquire a skill that can gainfully employ someone who has the resilience to learn by failure.

Join the movement. Drop us a note at david@resilientcoders.org.